Thursday, November 10, 2011

When was your "Wow I'm a grown up moment?"

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted a mini-van. Weird? Yes, most 20-somethings aspire to buy anything but a mini-van but I guess I’m not like most. My parents had a mini-van so I saw it more as a convenience than anything else.

My hubby and I got pregnant in 2008 and I felt the mini-van urging again. My hubby’s a very practical man and felt we didn’t need a mini-van with only us and one child (okay and a beagle too, sorry I didn’t forget you, Chula). We waited and I drove an undesireable car for the next two and a half years.

Then hubby and I got pregnant again in the fall of 2010. I thought that surely since we were adding another being into our family we’d get the mini-van. Nope. Not so because of course we didn’t need it; we could easily fit into our car the four of us. And Chula? Well, when we drove to my parents’ house in Galena, IL, the five and a half hour drive wouldn’t be that bad for Chula since she’d only be lying in the middle seat between the kids. We only made one trip to Galena in our little car until that little car that seats four starting needing more and more repairs. We took the plunge and I was finally going to get my mini-van.

I was so excited about our big move into adulthood, rather, parenthood. That’s until I test drove our mini-van. Sitting behind that wheel, I looked out at the road and thought to myself, When did I become a grown-up?

Isn’t it interesting? We so badly want to grow up when we are children. We badly want to go to high school and then college. Then we dream of careers, meeting the love of our life and having babies. At what point though do we become the grown-up we were striving to become as children? Is it when I carried and birthed two babies? No. It was when I bought and drove my own mini-van. Suddenly I saw myself not as a girl playing house with a boy but as a mother caring for two beautiful children with the love of her life.

When was your Wow I’m a grown up moment?

Elizabeth (aka Bert) Anderson married her college sweetheart in 2005, and started her journey into motherhood in 2008 with the birth of her son.  She started blogging in 2009 as a way to keep track of her thoughts on being a first time mom, especially her struggle with postpartum depression, and as a way of reaching out to other moms who are struggling with the same things.  This June, Bert had another first in her motherhood travels - a little girl!  Even though she's newly a mother of two, Bert maintains that no matter how many children you have you will always be a "first time mom" because there's a first time for everything!  Visit her blog, at FTM. Bert is a contributor for She Thinks Media.

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Janelle Sorley said...

Well I'm a little shocked that the Altima we sold you was "undesirable". Hah! Just kidding. No big deal. You had your heart set on a mini-van...
I did pay $6,000 originally for the used Altima that had one owner before me - though I suppose it's getting old now. Anyways, I don't think I've had my "Wow, I'm a grown up now" moment yet. Not sure when that will happen.


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