Monday, November 14, 2011

Five "other" uses for your wetbag, besides cloth diapers!

A wetbag, although an awesome cloth diaper accessory, is often considered more of a luxury item than a necessity.  Truth is, a wetbag has many uses, beyond cloth diapering, making it a very versatile product and one that you'll be sure to get your money's worth out of.

So what CAN you use your wetbag for, other than cloth diapering?
  • Perfect for those fun, yet very possibly wet situations.  Bring along with you to the pool or beach and use your wetbag as a tote to protect your cell phone, car door opener or any other valuables.  The handle makes it easy to hang on a chair, stroller or beach umbrella.
  • Traveling? Wetbags are great for carrying toiletries or for use as storage for your soiled delicates.  Keep your socks, underwear and anything else inside, then store inside your luggage.  Perfect for keeping odors in.
  • Potty Training.  A webtag is great for use when little one has an accident.  You'll have somewhere to store their soiled clothing or underwear until you get home and can wash them.
  • Family cloth or Mama cloth?  If your family uses family cloth instead of toilet paper then you need a handy storage place in the bathroom to store the cloth after use.  Use the handle to hang your wetbag from the toilet paper dispenser or a hook within arms reach.
  • General tote bag.  Although waterproof, there's no reason you couldn't use your cute wetbag simply as a tote, diaper bag, book bag or lunch tote.  Great for storing overnight clothes, toys, trinkets, snacks and more!
So there you have it!  Five reasons you NEED a wetbag, even if you don't think it's an absolute must have for cloth diapering.

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