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Meet our #sweetpeachampions - by Guest Blogger Leahanna Mummert

Meet your New Champions!
Hello everyone! A new year means changes here at Sweet Pea, and we would like to introduce you to our new champions!
Kathleen Garcia resides in Staten Island NY with her amazing supportive husband and 5 children ranging in ages 21 down to 15 months! She is a certified doula with a specialization in bereavement and she is a certified babywearing educator!
Kathleen started her cloth diaper journey in 1994 after she had her first! It was not until she had her last baby when she completely fell head over heels for Sweet Pea (covers) diapers after switching to pre folds and flats. In 2014 she started offering cloth diapering 101 to her clients and she always has sweet pea diapers on hand for demo’s!
CJ Gardner is a Long Island, NY native who has settled in the woods in Southern Maine with her husband, 20-month-old daughter Quinn, hyper dog, and scaredy cat. She first heard about "modern" cloth diapers on a blog way before she had kids, and has cloth diapered her daughter from 1 week old. When she's not singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" endlessly, she enjoys yoga, crafting, and iced coffee (yes, even in the New England winters). Her family currently using covers, a fitted, pockets, newborn prefolds for stuffing other pockets, and wetbags.
Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @cjisblonde
Christina Mckenzie resides in Tennessee with her army veteran husband, two precious babies, and hyperactive cat. She started her cloth diapering adventures when her oldest was born because she wanted to make her household more natural. When she was introduced to sweet pea diapers she was excited to find a great quality brand with cute, bold prints and colors that didn't break the bank. Christina enjoys the outdoors, baking, mom and me yoga, sewing, crocheting and gardening. She enjoys finding new interesting activities that her family can enjoy together.
Follow her on Twitter @teenytinytina91 or Instagram @christina.mamalakismckenzie/
Michy Gonzalez is from Puerto Rico currently living in North Carolina. She started cloth diapering when hery son was 2 months old due to a bad diaper rash. Her family fell in love with cloth diapers from day 1! She started helping other families learn about cloth diapers until she decided I wanted to start selling diapers online, 8 months later they had the opportunity to open a brick and mortar store. Since then her she has been helping families daily to get into the cloth diaper adventure! She loves seeing how my little customers grow into their diapers, and she loves hearing their experiences, such as "oh my baby doesn't have a rash anymore" or "we have been able to save a lot of money because of cloth diapers"
Leahanna Mummert is a Pennsylvanian mother of two boys who are 19 months apart. She is a stay at home mother who is starting doula classes in the spring. She started cloth diapering when her oldest was 10 months old due to diaper rash and soon fell in love with all the prints and environmental benefits.She is a huge cloth diaper advocate, and teaches cloth diaper classes in Southwest Pennsylvania in her free time. Her family first started using Sweet Pea when her youngest was in the NICU. She loves to support her local stores Happy Baby Company and Kushie Tushies.
Follow her on Twitter @lalaleahanna and Instagram @laleahanna
Casey Russo is a mom of five (any day now!) living in Connecticut. She began her cloth diapering journey when her oldest daughter was ten months old and has never regretted it! Having cloth diapered four babies since starting in 2010 and saved her tons of money and saved her babies from all the chemicals that disposables contain (not to mention, increased the cute factor significantly). She is currently using cloth full time with her 22 month old and part time with her older boys at night. She looks forward to diapering her newest addition in Sweet Pea soon! Her favorite Sweet Pea diaper in the bamboo all-in-one. Follow her on IG @a_sink_full_of_dishes
Tracy Schinzel is from Kansas lives with her husband and two children. Tracy is a full time mommy to two crazy, love to laugh, super social, joyful children. She began cloth diapering when her son came home from the NICU as a way to help save money for her family. After trailing many diapers and being dissatisfied with most of them Tracy was introduced to Sweet Pea covers. She instantly loved how well they fit with the double elastic and extra snaps and the price was great too! Her daughter is now in cloth and wears most of her brothers old ones because the quality last! Tracy loves crafts, advocacy projects, her family, food and helping people realize how easy cloth diapering really is! Follow her on instagram @jgmyheartmysoul
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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sweet Pea Champion: Bianca Norman

It's been about 4 years since I entered the cloth diaper world and a few months since we were picked to be Sweet Pea Champions. My son Emilio is now 4 years old, and he is only using cloth diapers for bedtime. I honestly thought he was going to be in diapers forever at one point. Then one day it just sort of clicked for him! (woohoo)! He rarely has accidents and has caught on pretty quickly. I am so very proud of him! Night time potty learning is next I suppose… I have no idea how one does that! So I am open to suggestions…THANKFULLY  I still have one child in cloth diapers full time; my daughter, Lucy. She's already 15 months! They grow up so fast! Lucy has been able to try a lot of the Sweet Pea products and we absolutely love being Sweet Pea Champions!

Modern cloth diapers forums have become a place for like minded families to come together and spread the cloth diaper love. For me, it has become a gateway to one of the biggest family/mommy communities online. Not only for cloth diaper information, but for a range of different parenting topics, breastfeeding, car seat safety, teething help, maybe some natural remedies in between, and so much more. 

E was about 10 months old when he used his first cloth and breastfeeding was how I heard about the use of modern cloth diapers (CDs).  I was a member of a group for breastfeeding moms and a couple of them had mentioned using CDs. It was also the first time that I would become a part of the online parenting world. Boy, did I have a lot to learn! I saw the word “crunchy” and “attachment parenting” often, these words were also new to me. I eventually learned about babywearing, babyled solids, and tumeric. Lot’s of tumeric talk!. The first moms that I interacted with, also sent me my first cloth diapers to try; Kushies, Bumkins, and bumGenius brands. Fast forward 4 years and my knowledge and use of cloth goes beyond the three diapers I started off with. I still keep in touch with those moms and they all hold a special place in my heart.

And now I am here writing my first blog entry for Sweet Pea Diapers. So, you see how that went.... Cloth Diapers have become a passion and a hobby. And if you are reading this blog entry, you too are probably a cloth diaper enthusiast! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meet our Sweet Pea Champions!

We'd like to officially introduce you to our Sweet Pea Champions.  A small group of moms who love Sweet Pea diapers and want to share their love with you!!  Be sure to follow them on social media and find out why they love Sweet Pea.


Anne is a mom of 7 with 2 in cloth diapers; a 6 month old girl and a 2 yr old boy.  Anne and her family live in Kansas and she blogs at Zephyr Hill.  Anne's favorite retailer is Diaper Junction.  You can follow Anne on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram @zephyrhillblog.


Cheyenne - Mom of one little boy and blogs at Cheysays.com.  Cheyenne and her family are from Colorado and their favorite retailer is Kelly's Closet! You can follow Cheyenne on Instragram @Cheysays.


Jessica - Jessica is currently pregnant with TWIN BOYS that are due in June and has a young daughter as well.  Jessica is in Ohio and is most active in the Sweet Pea Diapers Fan Group on Facebook.  Her favorite retailer is Abby's Lane.


Kelly - Kelly is a mom of an 8mo old boy and lives with her family in California.  Her favorite retailer is Kelly's Closet and you can follow her adventures on Instagram @MoosesMommy11.


Savannah - Mom of 2 boys ages 2 and 3yrs old.  Savannah is our lone Canadian mum and blogs at Ramblings of a Christian MOM! You can follow here on Facebook and Twitter.  Her favorite stores are So Green Baby and Caterpillar Baby.

You can be a Sweet Pea Champion too! If you love Sweet Pea diapers and accessories be sure to tag us on social media with #SweetPeaChampion #ClothDiapers.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Fling Giveaway!! Enter Now! One Week Only!

Are you ready for spring?!?! Enter to win one of these great prizes in our Spring Fling Giveaway sponsored by Sweet Pea Diapers, Olives & Applesauce, Mariposah, Baby Bear Dyer Balls, The Amber Monkey and Lulu's Glamour Wash.


1 Baby Carrier from Olives & Applesauce
1 Mariposah Teething Bunny
1 Sweet Pea Bundle - Bamboo AIO, Pail Liner and Change Mat
1 Pack of Dryer Balls from Baby Bear Craft (3 pink, 3 blue)
1 Bag of Lulu's Plus Formula Glamour Wash
1 Set of Teething Necklaces from Amber Monkey (10-11" and 17")

To enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Giveaway is open to anyone 18 yrs or older in the US and Canada.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Become a Sweet Pea Product Champion

Do you LOVE Sweet Pea products? Are you addicted to cloth diapers? Are you a social mama (or dad)? We're looking for 10 sweet friends to be our 2015 Sweet Pea Champions!

What is a Sweet Pea Champion?  It's our brand new brand ambassador program and it's open to anyone in the US, Canada, Europe, or Australia! Anywhere Sweet Pea diapers are sold.

As our brand ambassador you'll be the first to see new products, prints, and colors that are released!  We'll also send our brand ambassadors sweet mini-swag bags of Sweet Pea goodies each quarter.  We'll spoil you with Sweet Pea fluff for your little one.

Your only job will be to spread the love of Sweet Pea diapers.  Each month you'll have a few tasks to complete:

  1. 5 Social media shares each month confessing your Sweet Pea love on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, a personal blog, or your favorite social media outlet. 
  2. Of those 5 social media shares, 2 will need to include a photo of your baby/child in a Sweet Pea diaper. 
  3. You'll need to include #SweetPeaChampion #Ad in your social media shares.
  4. Cuddle your baby and join us in the Sweet Pea Diapers Fan Group on Facebook and make new friends!
How do you become a Sweet Pea Champion?  
  1. Apply to be a Sweet Pea Champion by filling out our google form no later than Feb 28th, 2015. APPLY HERE
  2. After you've completed your application, be sure to follow Sweet Pea on social media.
  3. Share a picture of your little Sweet Pea in a Sweet Pea diaper and why you want to be a #SweetPeaChampion. Be sure to tag us and include #SweetPeaChampion in your share. 
We'll select our 10 Sweet Pea Champions and announce them by the middle of March.  Good luck and we can't wait to see how much you love Sweet Pea! Questions? Comments? Just send us an email to sweetpeadiapers@yahoo.ca.  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

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Happy Holidays and here's to a great 2015!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Congrats to Anne Sweden who won the Limited Edition Camo Wet Bag!

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